• Price 3,390€
  • Anesthesia General anesthetic
  • Duration Of Operation 60-120 minutes
  • Minimum Stay 4 days
  • Back To Work 2 to 3 weeks after the operation
Transit Bipartition

What is a transit bipartition?

Transit Bipartition is to; more and more people are suffering from obesity. There are various ways to reduce weight. But in combination with type 2 diabetes it is not that easy. Because they are two completely different diseases. Nevertheless, they fall under the area of ​​multiple metabolic diseases.

If you are struggling with this problem, you should do something about it. Since the entire body is affected by the two diseases and organs and joints have to pay for the consequences, a transit bipartition is one of the last ways out.

If you are fed up with type 2 diabetes, want to live a happier life and lose weight, a transit bipartition is an effective metabolic procedure. This is divided into two.

What exactly happens in a transit bipartition?

If you choose this op in Turkey, you can lay the foundation for a happier life. This intervention is comparatively time-consuming since a stomach is first put in place.

However, this is only the first step. Because in the further course of the operation the small intestine is connected to the lower area of ​​the stomach. For this purpose, the colon is divided into two parts. And connected to the upper part of the stomach.

Accordingly, the transit bi is a major intervention. In which a large part of the original stomach is switched off and a new connection between the small intestine. And the lower residual stomach is created. With the new connection, the food goes through two different paths. And problems with digestion are a thing of the past due to the transit bipartition. This type of intervention is used on the one hand for weight loss. But this solution is also effective in type 2 diabetes and can have a healing effect.

What are the advantages of the Transit Bipartition?

If you choose a transit bipartition in Turkey, you benefit from comparatively new technology. This has only been used for a few years. And is an effective surgery against obesity and diabetes.

Of course, you should inform yourself thoroughly about the transit bipartition before the intervention. This includes the procedure, duration of treatment, and of course the transit bipartition costs.

It is also a fact that this type of intervention is enormously effective. And that the intervention can be reversed even after it has been successful.

The other amenities

There are also other advantages. Also, there are many advantages beyond the measure if you choose a transit bipartition. This does not only mean the measures taken during the operation.

The surgical intervention is time-consuming. But with a transit bipart, you get all-around service from advice to the operation, to recovery. Transitbipartition costs in Turkey are much lower. And the service is at a first-class level.

The medical quality is also top-notch in Turkey. If you are doing bipartition ops in Turkey and want to save costs, this surgical procedure is an effective solution. So you can lose weight, get a solution to type 2 diabetes, and can live a much happier life.

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