• Price 1,800€
  • Anesthesia Twilight anesthesia
  • Duration Of Operation 15-30 minutes
  • Minimum Stay 1-2 days
  • Back To Work 1-2 days
Gastric Balloon

What is a gastric balloon?

Unlike other methods, the gastric balloon is a completely different way to lose weight. And promote weight loss. Many are less familiar with this topic.

For example, the gastric balloon is the perfect counterpart to surgical interventions such as the gastric band or the gastric sleeve. The main difference is that it is a non-surgical procedure.

Obesity is treated with a gastric balloon, but this measure is rather supportive. The gastric balloon is filled with liquid or air. And is used in the intestinal tract during gastroscopy. The balloon is made of silicone in most cases and is an effective solution to change life and get the dream body.

Gastric balloon is characterized by an effective mode of action

Gastric balloon is one of the interventions that are very effective. The basis is pretty simple. The filled balloon takes up space in the stomach and ensures that you feel full sooner after eating a small amount of food.

You will eat less as the balloon stretches against the stomach wall. However, the man balloon is only a temporary solution and is usually removed after a few months. Before you decide on a gastric balloon in Turkey, you should find out about it.

In addition to the gastric balloon, you should understand that this is only part of the treatment. If you want to achieve your desired body, you have to change your lifestyle. Above all, this includes exercise and a balanced diet.

What are the advantages of the gastric balloon?

Before you decide to use a gastricballoon in Turkey, you should first know the requirements and advantages. So much to start with: the gastric balloon is an intervention for overweight people. And is used for weight loss support.

People who have a BMI between 27 and 32 are suitable for use. The gastric balloon is often used in people who weigh between 85 and 125 kg. How effective a gastricballoon depends on you as a person.

Some lose around 10 kilograms within two to three months, while others lose 20. The success of the gastricballoon depends on how you eat and move in the period that follows. The main advantage of this treatment method is;
that it is a non-invasive procedure and no surgery with general anesthesia is required.

Other positive aspects

If you choose a gastric balloon in Turkey and are also aware of the costs, you will benefit from further advantages.

Gastricballoon is only a temporary insertion and will be removed after a few months. In contrast to other methods, when the gastricballoon is inserted, the stomach remains intact and there are no long-term changes.

Accordingly, there are many conveniences that arise with the gastricballoon. With this variant, you should always bear in mind that you are responsible for your own body. And have to change your diet afterwards. If you have any questions about the gastricballoon and costs for Turkey, we will be happy to advise you.

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