• Price 3,390€
  • Anesthesia General anesthetic
  • Duration Of Operation 60-120 minutes
  • Minimum Stay 4 days
  • Back To Work 2 to 3 weeks after the operation
Mini Gastric Bypass

What is mini gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass is one of the most effective variants in gastric reduction. The mini gastric bypass is the smaller version. You can have the mini gastric bypass used in Turkey and thus reduce the weight.

Mini gastric op is a special form and is also known as omega loop gastric bypass or one-anastomotic bypass. The operation is far less complex.

This creates a new connection between the small intestine and the stomach pouch. While gastric bypass removes a large part of the stomach, mini gastric bypass is less time-consuming. A small part of the stomach is tied at the entrance to the stomach during the procedure.

Mini-Gastricbypass should not be confused with classic gastric bypass

Under no circumstances should you confuse the mini gastricbypass with the Roux-Y. Despite the differences, a large functional part of the main stomach is taken out of operation, just like with the mini gastricbypass. The rest of the stomach is preserved.

If necessary, the gastric bypass can be operated back to the original level after successful weight loss. However, this is rather unusual. The mini op is an effective way for you to achieve weight loss. The mini gastric bypass is comparable to the classic variant, but there are certain differences.

Procedure is less complicated. And the risk and possible complications are even lower than with a Roux-Y gastric bypass. So if you choose gastric bypass in Turkey, it is an effective decision.

What are the advantages of mini bypass?

Choosing mini gastric bypass is not only effective for diabetes. Such an operation is one of the most effective in gastric reduction.

Studies and long-term data show that the omega-loop bypass gives a weight advantage of more than 10 percent. If other therapy methods do not work, surgery like mini gastricbypass is the last option.

So you can lose weight as an overweight person and the concomitant diseases recede significantly more effectively. People with fatty liver or other diseases are particularly suitable for mini gastricbypass.

The other advantages

When you finally lose weight, live a new life and want to be more confident, mini gastric bypass is one of the last options. In contrast to other methods, there are further advantages with the “small” gastric bypass. In this way, the insulin release is optimized. It is precisely for this reason that more and more diabetics who are extremely overweight are opting for such an intervention.

There are also three other advantages. This makes follow-up easier. And, in contrast to the Roux-Y gastric bypass, there are far fewer deficiency symptoms. Accordingly, you don’t have to take as many dietary supplements.

The other advantage of a mini gastricbypass in Turkey is the cost. These are significantly lower than in Germany and with the same quality. Turkey is one of the absolute top countries in medicine.

If you have any questions about gastric bypass in Turkey, you can of course contact us. We would be happy to advise you comprehensively and answer all questions that arise.