• Price 2,890€
  • Anesthesia General anesthetic
  • Duration Of Operation 45 - 90 minutes
  • Minimum Stay 4 days
  • Back To Work up to 2 weeks after the operation
Sleeve Gastrectomy

What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

There are several ways to shrink your stomach. The gastric sleeve is a special form and is often used in contrast to other treatment methods. The gastric sleeve is known as sleeve gastrectomy and is used for those who are overweight or obese. If you want to shrink the stomach, converting the stomach into a stomach is an effective solution.

If you suffer from obesity, this method is extremely effective. The tube stomach is used based on food restriction. The stomach is reduced in size during the procedure and you will feel full even after small portions. By reducing the size of the stomach, the stomach fills up more quickly and a faster feeling of satiety is created.

This triggers a satiating feeling and the food intake is reduced accordingly. In addition, this intervention has a second effect. So the hormones seem to be changed and thereby the appetite is reduced.

The Sleeve Gastrectomy is an effective solution to treat obesity

Are you tired of being overweight, do you want to lose weight and forget about your previous life? It’s not just you. Many try the normal way in the first step and unfortunately fail.

With the use of a tube stomach, the food supply is significantly reduced. And you will feel fuller faster. Just a few days after the operation, you will notice that the stomach is significantly smaller. And can no longer absorb the amounts from earlier.

If you are having a gastric sleeve in Turkey, you should of course also take the changes into account. You will have to completely change your diet and enjoy several small moments instead of a few large meals. Additionally, you may need to combat the deficiency symptoms that occur and take supplements. So you should also keep in mind that
this is the first step and you want to change your life.

What are the advantages of the SleeveGastrectomy?

If you want to have a gastric sleeve performed, you should inform yourself beforehand about this. This intervention is aimed primarily at people who are overweight and have a BMI of over 40 kg / m2.

In some cases, like diabetes, the BMI can be as high as 35. The gastric sleeve in Turkey is associated with many advantages. And the subject of gastric sleeve costs is only one of many.

Studies have shown, for example, that the effectiveness of such an operation is at an above-average level. Furthermore, this type of stomach reduction is much gentler and shorter in time.

The convenience of a gastric stomach compared to other gastric reduction procedures

Compared to the other possible solutions, gastric sleeve surgery is significantly more effective. In addition, the basic gastric process is retained. This means far less severe effects associated with eating than with the other surgical options.

If you opt for an effective tube stomach, the gastric entrance and exit are preserved. And it takes a lot less time to ensure the build-up of solid food. The operation is easier to perform. The gastric functions are not restricted and the dog’s feeling is less.

Of course, the stomach is only the first step. If you want to live a healthier life free of excess weight, the stomach of the tube can only be a kind of beginning. And you will still be responsible for a healthy diet afterward. In contrast to other procedures, the stomach of the tube is associated with lower costs. And is nevertheless an effective solution.

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