Gastric surgery Turkey offers you a treatment package in which everything is really thought of. You receive:

  • Complete diagnostics - Internal, cardiological and obesity diagnostics
  • Medicines in the hospital
  • Interpreter in the clinic
  • Blood sampling and laboratory costs
  • Pre- and Post-operative care
  • 4-5 nights in the hospital including meals
  • Free accompaniment during the entire process
  • Financing options
  • Companion
Stomach with the one-port (scarless) variant*

*The so-called scarless variant is used as an alternative to the 3-5 hole method. The operation is performed through the belly button with a single cut. The huge advantage is that there are no visible scars. This variant is possible up to a BMI of 37. Ultimately, it is determined during the preliminary examinations whether this is possible.

Highly qualified surgeons

All of our surgeons are certified in bariatric surgery and therefore unique for your treatment. They use the latest laparoscopic surgical options for gastric reduction, including gastric bypass and gastric tube surgery.

Team support

Your surgeon, nurse, nutritionist, as well as physiotherapist, psychologist and others work together and help you to demonstrate positive wellbeing before and after the operation. We support you in shaping your health, well-being and success in the long term.

Our hospital

Our hospital has the most modern medical facilities. Hotel-style accommodations with flat-screen TVs, WiFi and air conditioning ensure a comfortable stay. There is a possibility that a friend or family member can stay in your private room if necessary.

Patient care

Our on-site support will guide you through all the steps before and after the operation so that you can concentrate on your health.