Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy is one of the most commonly used methods in bariatric surgery. In this operation method, the technique of turning the stomach into a tube (pipe) surgically is used. With surgery, a large part of the stomach is irreversibly removed. And in this way, as a continuation of the esophagus, it becomes a system that
continues with the intestines. Unlike the gastric balloon operation, no foreign body is placed in the stomach.
It is called sleeve gastrectomy surgery only because the shape of the stomach is similar to the sleeve shape.

What Is Gastric Sleeve ?

During this operation, the stomach is reduced to a tube shape; It also has a serious effect on the
hunger hormone secreted from the stomach. After the surgery, the desire for food decreases in patients,
and the brain feels less hungry. In other words, sleeve gastrectomy surgery also provides a hormonal
effect at this point.
This operation is also effective for many diseases that occur due to high obesity, among these is type 2 diabetes.

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