Mini Gastric Bypass

Mini Gastric Bypass, like other bariatric operations, is an easier surgical operation performed with a
completely closed method. It is a method that allows both the reduction of the stomach volume and the
separation of a part of the small intestines from the absorption function.

Mini Gastric Bypass is frequently preferred because it is the fastest and easiest method among the
surgeries applied in bariatric surgery. However, the recovery period after the operation is a very short and comfortable intervention.
The part at the beginning of the stomach is separated from the rest, leaving about 30-50 cc.
A part of the small intestines is also bypassed and connected to the newly formed small stomach. In this way, patients reach the feeling of fullness quickly with much smaller portions. At the same time, the absorption
of a significant part of the high-calorie foods taken is prevented. Due to MiniGastric Bypass operation;

  • Reducing stomach volume
  • Restriction of absorption in the small intestine
  • Insulin hormone is regulated.

The cost of this procedure, which is more cost-effective than other weight loss operations, is € 2,950 in our company.

Mini Gastric Bypass Side Effects

Thanks to the blunting of approximately 95% of the stomach, patients feel full faster with smaller portions.
In this direction, as the excess amount of nutrients entering the body decreases,
patients lose weight in the future.
In fact side effects and risks are extremely low in MiniGastric Bypass compared to other bariatric operations.
As long as you continue your diet program and activity after discharge,
you will achieve extremely successful results.

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