Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery is one of the most used operations as a weight loss method in bariatric surgery. The main goal in this operation is to support the patient to lose weight by changing the structures of the stomach and small intestine. Gastric Bypass Surgery is both a restrictive and absorption-reducing procedure. Since the volume of the stomach is reduced, the patient’s food intake is noticeably reduced.

In addition, thanks to the exclusion of a part of the intestine, the absorption of calories, protein and other nutrients decreases when the total is looked at in the patient.

First step is to shrink the stomach. The surgeon divides the stomach into two parts with a small upper part and a large lower part. Upper part of the stomach is the area where the food taken will reach. This small part of the stomach is the size of a walnut. And it can accommodate food weighing only 28 grams. For this reason, although the patient eats less, he/she feels satiated more quickly and thus, extra weight gain is prevented.

In the second step, bypass; that is bridging is performed. Our expert surgeon; It removes a part of the small
intestine from the digestive tract and shortens the absorption path of nutrients. As a result of this; after surgery,
a very large part of the stomach and part of the intestine are successfully removed from the digestive tract.
Due to the small stomach, the patient consumes less food; and because part of the small intestine is filed away,
the body absorbs fewer calories.

Gastric Bypass Side Effects

Thanks to its many years of experience and expert surgeons, our company EstheticFly; obesity surgery
achieves extremely successful results. Before the operation, we perform special examinations and analyzes
for you in our clinic equipped with the latest technologies with our professional team. In this way, we prevent all possible negativities that may occur. However, stomach operations are often operations that can cause side effects,
although they are not serious.

For example, some of these complications are minor and frequently encountered complications such as
wound infection or temporary swallowing difficulties. Bleeding, intestinal obstruction, pneumonia, leaks
leading to abscesses, ulcers and hernias are more serious but rare complications.

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