Gastric Balloon Turkey Reviews

Gastric Balloon Turkey Reviews encourages you to have this operation safely and healthily. Because the gastric balloon method is a non-surgical method, it continues to be valid all over the world as an extremely easy and affordable operation.

The swallowed sterile elliptical balloon filled with air or water creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach. in this way, clients experience a feeling of satiety in a short time and reduce their food intake. Gastric balloon operation is the process of delivering this transparent balloon in the shape of an ellipse to the stomach by performing an endoscopy method. During this procedure, the light anesthesia technique, not complete, is performed by our expert anesthesia team.

Elipse Gastric Balloon Turkey

In our company EstheticFly, the 6 Months Gastric Balloon option is preferred instead of the 12-month balloon option. This gastric balloon procedure, which has an extremely low risk and side effect rate and also provides fast results, has been frequently preferred in Turkey, especially in recent years.

If there is a previous gastric operation and there are no obstacles in the stomach, this elliptical gastric balloon is placed in the stomach. The cost of this operation, which is carried out at extremely low prices in Turkey, has been determined as 2000 € in EstheticFly.

Gastric Balloon Before And After

This treatment method will not require a surgical procedure, it only supports your diet process and accelerates your weight loss.

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