Gastric Balloon Surgery

Gastric Balloon Surgery is differentiated from other gastric reduction operations in that it should be
a type of operation that is generally not performed with an open or incision.

This method, which is frequently preferred in obesity surgery; In some cases, may be preferred to help
extremely obese patients lose weight during the preparation process for surgery. So in this context, it is seen
that most patients can lose 10-30% of their total body weight, depending on their initial weight.

Gastric Balloon

This stomach reduction transaction, which can be applied to adults between the ages of 18 and 65.
It is a Zmethod of placing an elliptical balloon filled with air or liquid inside the stomach,
which will cover 1/3 of the stomach volume.

6-Month Elipse Balloon

Elipse Balloon operation, for people who have health problems related to obesity or overweight;
It is used safely around the world. An elliptical gastric balloon, which is perceived as a foreign substance
by the body, can sometimes cause non-serious side effects. However, these complications are easily treatable.
In the first 2 or 3 days after the placement of the balloon, the patient may experience nausea. Maybe burning,
pain, cramps, and, albeit very rarely, ulcers in the stomach may occur.

In addition, the gastric balloon is applied to patients with a disability in bariatric surgery.
It completely covers the stomach volume and provides a feeling of satiety. It helps the patient to consume
less in food intake. And at the same time, it is combined with treatment, diet, and behavioral methods.
Following this, approximately 16 kilograms, 34% of the body weight, is lost in 6 months.
In patients, this may increase up to 35 kilograms depending on the initial weight of the patient.

Although the desire to eat is limited over time, people continue to lose weight. Mostly slowly but steadily over
time. This simple procedure, which is mostly preferred as a 6-month gastric balloon in Turkey; is
extremely comfortable and cost-effective.

Gastric Balloon Price in Turkey

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