Can I Get Surgery To Lose Weight

Can I get surgery to lose weight is a question that people who have tried to lose weight with sports and diet before, but have not achieved the desired result, are often asked. Obesity patients who want to achieve a faster and lasting result begin to consider stomach reduction surgeries at this point.

Although it is possible to lose some weight for a while with diet and exercise treatments, the permanent loss rate is unfortunately below 5%. In the meantime, life is turning into a slimming struggle and the comfort of daily life is decaying. When the extra pounds exceed 20-30 kilos, it becomes very difficult to exercise enough. It becomes almost impossible to lose weight just by dieting.

At What Weight Can You Get Weight Loss Surgery?

It should be noted that the Bariatric Surgical operations that will be applied at this stage are only for people who are extremely obese, that is, people with a body mass index above 40 and a body mass index between Dec 35-40, hypertension due to excessive obesity, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, etc. suitable for those who experience ailments.

It is possible to get rid of excess weight by 60% in the 5-year period after stomach reduction surgery.
According to the researches, the rate of re-weight gain is 15% in the following period after tube stomach surgery. Close follow-up of the patient who has undergone surgery to prevent re-weight gain is of great importance. At the same time, people who have had stomach reduction surgery are monitored by an obesity team that also includes psychologists and dietitians. This method aims to prevent factors that may cause the patient to gain weight again or negatively affect his health.


What Is The Most Effective Surgery To Lose Weight?

The most accurate method is determined depending on the anatomical structure and lifestyle of the person. Our experienced and successful expert EstheticFly team, which provides health services within the scope of our company, hosts you at the hospital located in Antalya and performs all the necessary analyzes and examinations. Then, the process is started by determining the stomach reduction method that will be the most suitable for you.

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