Bariatric Surgery Complications

Bariatric Surgery Complications are one of the issues that both those who are thinking of having a stomach reduction operation and specialists should be sensitive to.

Morbid obesity continues to be a “life-threatening” health problem all over the world. In this area, where exercise, diet or medication are mostly insufficient, very successful results are obtained with laparoscopic surgical techniques. In addition to providing safe and effective weight loss, it also reduces obesity-related comorbidities. However, sufficient information should be provided about the complications that may develop during and after these procedures, and the application should be carried out by an experienced team.

For this reason, especially as EstheticFly, we draw attention to the early and late complications that may develop following laparoscopic obesity surgery with our expert bariatric surgery team. In this regard, we emphasize the need to prevent the methods that are being applied and the complications that may occur in advance by being well known with the right interventions.

Bariatric Surgery Long-Term Effects

Gastric reduction operations between our company and the success we’re doing with Estheticfly assurance are; Sleeve Gastrectomy, Sleeve Gastrectomy with the one-port (“scarless) variant, Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass, Gastric Balloon and Transit Bipartition.
After these operations, patients should definitely include diet and sports in their lives within the scope of healthy living. However, in this way, the effect of the stomach operations carried out by providing permanent weight loss is strengthened.

Post Bariatric Surgery

In particular, complaints such as bleeding from the digestive tract, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting should also be taken into account as special complications of surgery and evaluated seriously.

The widespread use of obesity surgery performed by laparoscopic method has left both emergency physicians and general surgeons facing acute and chronic complications of bariatric surgery. A phased approach should be applied to patients who have undergone bariatric surgery in case of encountering any emergency situations.